Solaniwa Beauty & Wellness Zone /Opened in Spring 2024

Healing ambience, in synergy with the intrinsic Onsen, will enhance your beauty & wellness.
To enrich your mind and life, please come into our fitness and beauty salons !

◆All the salons can be used by those who do not use Solaniwa Onsen◆

Beauty & Wellness


With the modern Japanese taste, the relaxing ambience of beauty salons and fitness facility will accommodate all the visitors


Treat yourself with the supreme relaxation and beauty care treatment, which will heal your everyday fatigue and relieve your stress.


Other salons are coming soon!

◆All the salons can be used by those who do not use Solaniwa Onsen◆

  • Beauteの画像

    Select shopBeaute Amis

    ◆Open Hours 13:00〜20:00
    ◆Solaniwa Beauty & Wellness 2F

    Feel free to come and see our multi-brand cosmetics shop, “Beaute Amis” ,with the line-ups of Japan-made “Natural & Organic” self-care items.
    A variety of cosmetics & other goods with intrinsic plant-derived components for your beauty and health, which have been fostered in the respective local Japan areas valuing the traditional culture, can be found here.

    rosa rugosa https://rosa-rugosa.jp/
    De cinq iles  https://decinqiles.jp/
    RUHAKU  https://ruhaku.jp/Page/brand.aspx
    soel  https://soel-oil.jp/
    fukumitsuya https://fukumitsuya.co.jp/foods/vaten/
    YOAN  https://yoan.jp/
  • fufuの画像

    Hair Color Salonfufu

    ◆Open Hours 10:00-20:00
    Last Reception (till 18:30)
    ◆Solaniwa Beauty & Wellness 2F

    With our concept of “Smile everyday with your attractive hair-color”, FUFU, the hair-coloring salon chain (130 salons) has burgeoned.
    Quality service with the premium Japan-made dying materials is available at the reasonable price!
    Your grey-hair can be changed in an hour to neatly-dyed hair in a totally different color.
    First-timers are welcomed from the price of JPY1,980(c-tax included).

  • アンジェリカミッシェルの画像

    For your eyelash and nail beauty treatment Angelica Michelle

    ◆Open Hours 10:00-21:00
    Last Reception (till 20:00)
    ◆Solaniwa Beauty & Wellness 2F

    Truly based on the concept of "Stunning Beauty is in the details", we value "Relaxing Ambience" "Top-notch Technique" and "Warm Hospitality"

    • For your eyelash, "Parisienne LashLift" is available.
    • For your eyebrows, "Eyebrow Styling" is available.
    • For your nails, treatment service using "para-gel" is available.
  • Koh Mask Barの画像
    Koh Mask Barの画像
    Koh Mask Barの画像
    Koh Mask Barの画像
    Koh Mask Barの画像
    Koh Mask Barの画像
    Koh Mask Barのロゴ

    For your facial beauty treatmentKoh Mask Bar

    ◆Open Hours 11:00-20:00
    ◆Solaniwa Beauty & Wellness 2F

    Come in today!
    Facial aethetic treatment using the intrinsic pure gold leaf from Ishikawa Prefecture can be experienced.

  • 癒し処 啓楽院の画像
    癒し処 啓楽院の画像
    癒し処 啓楽院の画像
    癒し処 啓楽院の画像
    癒し処 啓楽院の画像
    癒し処 啓楽院の画像
    癒し処 啓楽院のロゴ

    For your massage, beauty treatment, and relaxationKeirakuin

    ◆Open Hours 12:00-22:30
    Last Reception (till 22:00)
    *Even after 22:00, still 20mins/10mins treatment may be available
    ◆Solaniwa Beauty & Wellness 3F

    Come in today!
    A wide variety of treatment services including Japanese traditional bodycare as well as the authentic beauty treatment is offered, which enables to materialize your "Total Beauty".