With Quality and Flexibility which would
meet your diversified needs


Realized a column free, spacious floor of about 360 tsubo which allows flexible layout design in various ways.


Office Specification

Raised Floor

By storing various cables under the floor, a clean and neat office workspace can be planned.

Entrance Lobby

The entrance lobbies on the 1st and 2nd floors have been refurbished. With the visual designs which were seldom seen in conventional offices, your precious clients will walk into your office smoothly.

Heavy Duty Zone

A heavy duty zone boasting a floor load of 500kg/sqm is located on each floor. It can fully load heavy objects that are indispensable for some office tenants.


The corridors on all the floors have been refurbished. The chic design creates an office space with the hotel-like interior/ambience.

Ceiling Height

The standard floor ceiling height is 2,600 mm, which sufficiently meets the office standard. It provides a spacious space.


Refurbished with a cutting-edge design to provide a comfortable toilet space.

Antibacterial and antiviral measures in the common area

For common area(elevator button, toilet, etc.),hygienic measures are taken based on the basic policy against Covid-19.

Main Tower Common Area

Bay Tower West Common Area


【Standard Floor Plan 11F-19F】

-Standard Floor Plate-

Northeast side 593.10m2 (179.41 tsubo) Southwest side 545.22m2 (164.92 tsubo)

【Standard Floor Plan 5F-10F】

-Standard Floor Plate-

1,202,89m2 (363.87 tsubo)
* For 5F, 6F, and 10F, the shapes of the subject parts are not identical to those of the standard floor.