1. Basic Ideas

Itochu Urban Community Corporation (Hereafter, “The Company”) may, on OSAKA BAY TOWER’s (hereafter, “The Establishment”) website (http://www.baytower.jp/; hereafter, “The Site”), in accordance with points 2 through 7, as follows, collect and use the information of customers who use the Site.

They will handle the information appropriately within the scope of its use. If information collected includes personal information, this shall be handled appropThey will handle the information appropriately within the scope of its use. If information collected includes personal information, this shall be handled appropriately in accordance with laws for protecting personal information (Hereafter, “Laws”).

2. Scope of Information Collected some cookies

(1) Information such as internet browser name, IP address, and browsing data for this site will be automatically collected. Further, on pages offered by this site, some cookies (Information sent from the server to the user’s browser and stored on the user’s computer in order to identify users on the server side) will be used. However, absolutely no information will be gathered with cookies which can identify individual users.

(2) When inquiries are made by customers, they will collect the details of the opinion / request / question (including the customer’s mail address if the inquiry is sent by email).

In addition to this, they will as necessary gather personal information including users’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, or fax numbers.

Provision of information in these situations is at the customer’s discretion, but please be aware that, in some situations, refusal to provide it may prevent one from using all or part of the services offered by the Company or the Establishment.

3. Usage Purpose and Recommissioning

(1) 2. Information collected in accordance with (1) will be used as a reference for smoothly managing the services offered to customers by the Site.

(2) 2. Information collected in accordance with (2) will be used, in addition to communicating with customers and responding to their inquiries, so that the Company or Entrepreneurs (Defined as the entrepreneurs operating the Establishment and businesses cooperating in running the Establishment. The same as above.) may provide information which they deem beneficial to customers, in addition to information related to the businesses they run, propositions, warranty service implementation, and new products and services.

(3) The Company will, within the necessary scope for achieving the goals of (1) and (2) above, will reconsign work, including the handling of information gathered in accordance with 2., to other companies as follows.

Furthermore, the Company will perform appropriate supervision of the consignee. The same applies if they change or add consignees.

Consignee: EDUCE Corporation

4. Limits on Usage and Provision

Except for the following cases, the Company will never provide users’ personal information to third parties.

(1) They have received the customer’s prior consent.

(2) It is required by law.

(3) Within the necessary scope of achieving the purposes defined by 3., they offer documents or data including as little as possible of users’ personal information, such as names and addresses, to Entrepreneurs. In this situation, they will cease providing this information to the third parties if requested to by the customer.

However, they may provide information on access to the Site or user attribute data, which provide statistical information that cannot be used to identify individuals.

5. Measures for Guaranteeing Safety

The company will take necessary steps to appropriately manage collected information and prevent its loss or leakage.